KnownCalls - Whitelist Calls Blocker


Easy, safe and free blocker of unsolicited, unknown spam calls and texts for everyone

KnownCalls is the new ad-free and absolutely free call blocker for Android that helps fight spam calls while respecting your privacy. With KnownCalls your phone will automatically reject calls from numbers not in your Phone book. It will save you time wasted on answering spam calls, and make you an uninteresting target for fraudsters. Works against telemarketers, anonymous or hidden numbers, robocalls, spam or other unknown calls, and various kinds of scammers. ! The app is for anyone who don't want to (or need to) answer calls from ANY unknown or hidden callers, or doesn't want to be bothered by texts from unknown numbers. ==NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED== The app doesn’t use external resources. It works solely with your device’s Phone book so your privacy is safe with KnownCalls! Perfect for those who care about their digital imprint. ==WHY KNOWNCALLS IS BETTER== 1. Modern spammers usually call from different numbers each time, so adding each number to a block list might be ineffective – next time they might use another number. KnownCalls blocks all unknown call numbers so it's not a problem any more. 2. Rejection of unknown callers is instantaneous because KnownCalls uses your device’s Phonebook only. Other call blocker apps usually work with a delay so you might be among earliest recipients that spam calls still get through to before being flagged as spammers. 3. 100% free. No hidden payments. 4. Absolutely no ads. 5. Extremely easy to use. 1 click to enable/disable blocking. 6. KnownCalls does not collect or send personal information or information on your phone calls anywhere - unlike other apps that use spam databases in the Internet and send your calls there too. 7. Installs well on almost any contemporary Android device. 8. 3 levels of call blocking. Works with SMS too - silences texts from numbers not in your Contacts. 9. Block and pass lists for exceptions! * STOP annoying robocalls or buzzing from call centers, telemarketers and fraudsters that always distract you when you're busy, that wake you up in the middle of the night, or intend to scam you. Finally you can enjoy the silence – and be sure that trusted callers still get through! Recommend KnownCalls to your family and friends – let them feel the tranquility of life without spam too! ==HOW IT WORKS== * Download KnownCalls call blocker app from GetApps and install it on your device. * Turn on filtering with 1-2 clicks. * Done! All unknown calls coming from numbers that are not in your Contacts or Favorites will be automatically rejected without bothering you. ==SPAM PROTECTION FOR EVERYONE== The KnownCalls app is a perfect call blocker for * Parental control: protect your kids by creating a whitelist of trusted numbers, and block calls from any other phone numbers. * Public people: stop the flow of distracting phone calls while keeping accessibility for known callers. * Businessmen: let KnownCalls automatically filter out spam call center buzzes, while still allowing calls from your Contacts. * Senior protection: make sure scammers don’t get to take advantage of your vulnerable elderly by blocking calls from any unknown numbers. ==RECAP OF KNOWNCALLS== The KnownCalls app is the unique combination of privacy protection, easy functionality and availability. It is free of charge. No Internet accessibility required! KnownCalls does not gather, store, send or share your personal information. For businessmen, politicians or public people with their phone number in public display. KnownCalls blocks unknown calls leaving you accessible by the rest of your contacts - customers, suppliers, authorities, etc. Use KnownCalls call blocker if you are worried about the rise of scammers that could fraud your seniors or children: block all unknown calls from numbers not in the Phone book. Accumulated effect: Even if you are assaulted with spam calls now, using KnownCalls will make you an uninteresting target for call centers over time.


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