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Music is part of our life. We feel the need to listen to music in the car, at home or in any social environment, according to our every mood. With the YouMusic application we have developed in this sense, you will listen to music everywhere with our unlimited, ad-free and millions of content library. Our application automatically recommends you ready lists, artists, albums and hits based on your music listening history. Thanks to our lightweight, fast and material design, unlimited listen music and unlimited download music. YouMusic Highlights - Play songs without ads - Search for songs, albums, videos and playlists from YouMusic - Download and listen all your favorite mp3 music Library - Save songs, albums and playlists to local database - Download music to play offline - Local playlist management - Export downloaded songs via SAF - Search all the artists, albums, songs and playlists listed in the world - Custom made lists based on your style and mood - Always up-to-date hit charts, popular artists and album recommendations for your country Player - Material design player (light and effective) - Play on lock screen (in the background) - Cache songs - (Synchronized) lyrics - Automatically Adds Recommended Music to List - Sound normalization - Statistics - Persistent queue (Infinite listing) Other Features - Custom themes - Dark theme - Localization (You Can Select Default Country Content and Change Language) - Backup and restore (Back up and restore all your playlists, settings you made on the app and all your information)

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