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It's easy to read e-books and listen to audiobooks online or without the Internet.

Bookmate is an easy way to read books and listen to audiobooks:
* The only transparent tariff plan
* Access to the full catalog, without restrictions on time and number of books
* Favorable subscription price
* Thousands of e-books, a variety of genres, exclusives and original content
* Read in any format convenient for you: e-books or audiobooks, online and without the Internet
* Don't have time to read? Listen to audiobooks when you can't concentrate on the text
* Prefer text format? Read an e-book from the screen with the same comfort as paper books
* Don't know what to read? Editorial and algorithmic selections for easy selection

— All books with one subscription
The only subscription option gives you unlimited access to the entire catalog of e-books and audiobooks. You can endlessly sort through books in search of the one that will capture your attention and be interesting at that very moment - no additional payments and no spent limits.
— Thousands of books of different genres
Family sagas, short stories, modern Russian and foreign prose, classics, nonfiction, business books and children's literature, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers and detective stories - everyone will find here a book or audiobook that will captivate and captivate you from the first pages. All of them are included in the subscription, and using the “free” tag you can find and read all the free books.
— Regular library updates
New releases, bestsellers, exclusives from your favorite publishers and book series of your own production, as well as e-books based on popular films - everything you can’t miss is waiting for you in one application.
— If you don’t have time to read, listen to audiobooks, lectures or podcasts
Spend your time usefully and with pleasure - listen to audiobooks on the way to work, doing household chores, while walking the dog, while playing sports. Audiobooks are narrated by professional readers, popular actors, celebrities and the authors themselves.
- Like regular books, only more convenient
The Bookmate reader is easy to customize for comfortable book reading: adjust the brightness, change the font and background color. A convenient audio player allows you to switch the playback speed and set a timer. Start reading or listening to an audiobook on your phone and continue from the same place on another device.
— There is always something to read or listen to
Experts, media and just reading fans collect books on their thematic shelves - subscribe and receive recommendations from the book community. Bookmate has an expert book editor who every day selects interesting books from the library and puts together selections. Bookmate also advises what to read or listen to based on your preferences. The more you read or listen to audiobooks, the more accurate the recommendations.
— A whole electronic library is always with you
All your e-books, quotes and notes are saved on Bookmate. Read or listen on the subway, on the beach, on the plane, or just walking around the city - you can download or load books into the memory of your device for offline reading. You can also download files for reading in EPUB (EPUB) and FB2 (FB2) formats for free: they will also be available offline.
— From Bookmate to Bookmate
If you've read books on Bookmate before, we'll help you rebuild your library. To do this, you can use the code from the old Bookmate app, phone number or email address. Just follow the instructions inside the app!


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