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Welcome to the world of energy healing with Dorela Iepan! Certified ECP1, BCP2, BCP3, and EFT Practitioner. With a passion for positive transformation, Dorela offers group workshops, individual sessions, and transformative programs. Explore healing energies and discover the secrets to cultivating the Perfect Relationship. Key features: ✨ Energy Healing Expertise: Benefit from Dorela's extensive experience in ECP1, BCP2, BCP3, and EFT (Emotion Code, Body Code, Belief Code and Emotional Freedom Techniques). ✨ Access to the platform: Log in to your account to access the emotional release workshops and programs available. ✨ Blog articles: Read the latest articles on the Perfect Relationship website. ✨ Schedule one-on-one sessions with Dorela Iepan and book calls effortlessly through the friendly interface. ✨ Access the individual session store. ✨ The Perfect Relationship: Explore the book "The Perfect Relationship" in print, electronic, or audio format for guidance and wisdom in cultivating harmonious connections. ✨ EFT for Financial Success: Forget about financial problems and enjoy achieving your goals. ✨ Heal Past Relationships: Access the most revolutionary emotional healing program. ✨ Contact us: Do you have questions or want to know more? Contact us at for personalized assistance and support. Dorela Iepan invites you to join her on a journey of healing and empowerment. Download the app now and start a path to healthy and fulfilling relationships!


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