GPS Speedometer - Offline

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Simple GPS Location and speed functions with max accuracy even being offline.

This GPS Speedometer is an advanced app that uses the device's built-in GPS to show your "Current speed", "Average speed", "Maximum speed", "Distance covered", "Altitude", "Latitude" and "Longitude" with start, stop and reset journey's "Timer" functionality. This digital GPS Speedometer app is highly recommended if you use to travel mostly either by walk, running, riding a bike, driving a car, in an airplane, on a cruise ship, if you are racing on a track day or speeding in open water with your speedboat. With this offline GPS Speedometer app you can easily find your location according to GPS coordinates in real-time without having any access to the Internet. This simple GPS Speedometer app is well optimized to give the best performance with even fewer resources and designed with a modern, fresh looking simple user interface. It is fast, uses less device memory, doesn't affect battery life and performance of your device. GPS Speedometer app info units are available as, Current Speed: mph - km/h - Knots - m/s Average Speed: mph - km/h - Knots - m/s Maximum Speed: mph - km/h - Knots - m/s Distance: m - km - yd - mi Altitude: m - ft Latitude: DMS Longitude: DMS Accuracy: m - yd Time: hh:mm:ss Note: The performance of this app and location-based data accuracy highly depends on your device specifications and GPS receiver in it. For more information, please check your device manual. More features are coming soon... Thank you...!


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