EmoCam - Camera for Emotion Au

Pujana P

Seeing your Emotion Aura

Experience a smart AI camera that reads your emotion! See how to use: https://p-library.com/a/emocam/ ** This app in under testing and problem fixing ** This tool can analyze your emotions based on facial expressions and visualize them as augmented reality aura. The state-of-the-art convolutional neural networks (deep learning models) are employed for face detection and facial expression classification. Moreover, a fuzzy-logic-inspired algorithm for generating color gradients, as well as a vector-quantization-based stabilizer for noise reduction, are invented to make smooth real-time colorization. Basically, this app was built on top a combination of powerful AI algorithms. Emotion Blue: Clam-Sadness Green: Happy, Joyful Magenta: Disgust Orange: Confused, Surprised Red: Angry, Upset White: Neutral Yellow: Anxiety, Stressed, Fear The 3 Sections Outer Color (1): Primary emotion, the most dominance emotion. Color on top (2): Secondary emotion Color on two sides (3): Tertiary


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