DrawWord- Learn Japanese Kanji

Pujana P

Learn Languages via Stroke Writing, Image Drawing, Quizzes

This app is designed to help learning languages (mainly Japanese, but also English and Chinese). Kotoba-chan, the AI, will teach you how to write Kanji characters and challenge you by quizzes. There is also a mode (under research) where you can learn Kanji from drawing objects. The app demonstrates state-of-the-art AI technologies for writing stroke recognition, image recognition, and character expression control. With this app you can - Learn Japanese Kanji - Chinese characters from writing strokes - Learn JP vocabulary from drawing sketch images - Learn Kana - Learn EN Manual Available on website: https://p-library.com/a/drawword/ 8 MODES available ------------------------------------- Learn Kanji - Write: Draw Kanji for given word(s) Read Kanji - Meaning: Tell the meaning of a given Kanji Read Kanji - Sound Read: Tell the reading sound of a given Kanji Draw-Word - Free Draw: [mobile versions only, only Android 8.1+] Draw any image, she will guess what it is. Learn Kana - What's this: A sketch is shown, you guess what it is Learn Kana - Kana-Romanj: A Kana is given, you pick a Romanji Learn Kana - Romanj-Kana: A Romanji is given, you pick a Kana Learn Kana - Kana-Kana: A Kana is given, you pick a Kana that matches [MODE] Learn Kanji: Write ------------------------------ In each question, draw Kanji for given word(s). A score will be obtained if you can answer. Kotoba's emotion changes depending on on your performance. Score Range: 0 - 100. - 3 stars for 80+, 2 stars for 60+, 1 star for 30+ - You get 100 when no mistake made and no hint used. - 'Clear' does not affect maximum score, you can still get max score after several tries - 'Clear' reduces hints and allowed mistakes on the next try. Hints and mistakes will affect the score more. - The initial number of hint and mistakes allowed depends on the question (Kanji). - No penalty to skip question. - There is a limit on the number of times to skip question. This limit reset on level completed. - Kanji is learned only if 3 stars obtained. [MODE] Draw-Word: Free Draw ------------------------------ **This mode is under testing** **This mode is available on Android 8.1+ (API27+) ** You draw an image, Kotoba will guess what it is. - 5 best guesses are listed on the drop-down box. - You can select the correct item, and click the button to tell her the correct answer. She will learn it and improve future guessing (this feature has been not been completed yet). - 'Show List' is for checking what objects she know and may guess. - There are example images for known objects. You can click the image to see more examples. **notes** - This mode may not work on some phone: We has not experienced this yet. But it is reported that TensorFlow (technology behind this mode) did not work on some Android phones, likely some Chinese mobile (please tell us if you found, we will make it work). - The accuracy also depends on device performance (model, RAM during running). The model use threads to process drawing data within an allocated time. The more powerful your phone is, the more processing done for prediction. - Currently, this mode is a gimmick for fun. Don't take it serious [MODE] Other Modes ------------------------------ Most of the rest mode are Objective Test, in which 4 choices are given


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