brahim mohamed

Rediafile - A new Workspace cloud storage for your files.

Rediafile provides secure Workspace cloud storage for your photos, videos, music and other files. Is the authority Android application for the internet based capacity administration of a similar name, which permits clients to get to their record and appreciate numerous different advantages straightforwardly from their cell phones. The Free file sharing via a cloud You just need to put all your files in a storage platform (cloud) ☁. These platforms all offer sharing functionality by email or via a URL link. Clouds have many more features than transfer tools. You can, Organize your documents and folders. Synchronize your files between your computer, phone and tablet. Automatically upload your photos, videos and other files to your storage. REDIAFILE is often the epitome of a successful startup. A pioneer in this industry, the app is finding it increasingly difficult to keep up in terms of features.

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