Retro Revolution

Its time to play ball, or perish

Reminisce your favorite childhood game, as Retro revolution lets you relive the best moments of your gaming life. You are stuck in a ball in a treacherous landscape. Survival is not easy, but if you can fight it out you can escape! Gather coins to shoot up your points, and reach a score that makes your name appear on the leader board. Featuring amazing hand-made 8-bit graphics and a great retro playlist, we present to you Retro Revolution. Ba dum tss! CONTROLS - You can choose between using both of your thumbs, or just stick to one finger for moving or bouncing - Tap on the screen, directionally to land on one of the safe platforms. If you’re lucky enough you can land on one of the power-ups - Look out for the obstacles (The Spikes and The Infinite-Drop) because they can cost you your life FEATURES 1) Choose from 4 different classic arenas! 2) Spend your coins in the shop to buy new balls and upgrade powers ups! 3) Zero Ads and absolutely free! 4) Compete with your friends on the leaderboard ABOUT POCO GDA POCO Game Development Academy was envisioned as a place to get budding developers and designers together and help them create games together. Gaming is an inherent part of POCO's DNA, and we want to enable more gamers by creating simple, enjoyable games totally devoid of any ads or microtransactions. This is the second game created under our GDA umbrella by TEAM AVENGERS for POCO Community, and we will publish more new games down the line which are currently in development by different teams. Follow or Connect with the Developers and Artist on LinkedIn Aman Ahuja (Developer): Vishal Bajaj (Art & Assets): Vivek Singh Negi (Level Design and Development): Music Credits: Check out POCO Community: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: @IndiaPOCO


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