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Finding dog-friendly parks, local dog services, socializing, and meeting up with friends is now easy with DogPack. Join the community, share your best photos, rate and review parks and businesses, and together we’ll make the world more dog friendly! ◆ Find Official Dog Parks, and Dog-Friendly parks, trails, and beaches: The Park Finder is growing everyday and thanks to your suggestions it includes locations that are exclusive to DogPack! The app has 48,000+ dog friendly trails and beaches, as well as exercise, play, and training areas across the world, with more being added daily. You can see all the amenities the park offers, ratings, reviews and user uploaded images. Get directions, the weather forecast, and see how many dogs and which DogPack members are at the park. Tap 'Satellite View' to get a crystal clear outline of the park. If you prefer, click 'List View' at the bottom of the Map. Stay in control, and know what to expect before you bring Fido to the park. ◆ Earn Badges and Win Great Prizes: Earning badges on the app allows you to accumulate 'Treats.' You can redeem them for fabulous prizes from the 'Gift Cards & Giveaways' section. Earning treats is free: The more you use the app, the greater prizes you will receive! Members can also redeem raffle tickets, and have the chance to win a variety of cool dog accessories. Hundreds of people have won raffles and had free dog products shipped directly to their doors. ◆ Find Dog Services Nearby: Dog businesses can list their dog services on our map and website for free! This makes it even easier for locals and those traveling to find them. Whether you are a dog trainer, dog behaviorist, pet walker, groomer, animal daycare, boarding service, kennel, dog-friendly hotel, dog-friendly restaurant, pet supply store, dog rescue or adoption center, sniff spot, breeder, private dog park, and more, DogPack is the best place to list and gain maximum exposure. Know a business you love? Suggest it in-app and you’ll get an awesome badge on your profile! ◆ Global, Nearby, and Following Feed: See everything shared by dogs around the world in the Global feed. See activity near you by switching to the Nearby feed, or see only posts made by those you follow in the Following feed. Leave a Like or a Comment to let them know what you think! Share your adventures with other dog-lovers, watch the community grow, and earn badges! The whole app can be translated into English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German with the click of a button. ◆ Missing Dog Feature: If the worst happens and Rover goes missing, you can report the missing dog. DogPack members in the area where the dog was last seen will get a notification, see the post and be able to keep an eye out for any sightings and share the post with others. We are proud to be using our growing community to help bring dogs home! ◆ Park Feed and Group Chat: Each Park listed in the app has its very own Feed section and Park Group Chat. Whenever someone tags a park in a post, it will appear in the Park Feed section. Need to get the word our quick? Send it in the Group chat. After Following a park, you’ll see the group chat icon, click it to see what everyone's talking about! You can also see all your Group Chats from the Inbox area, and mute them if you’d like. ◆ Park Amenities: You can vote on which Amenities are available from each 'Park Page'. Only want to go to a fenced-in dog park or one that has obstacle courses? You can use the filter and see all this information and much more. Leave your own votes from the Amenities tab, to help others decide where to bring their dogs. ◆ Build a Profile for up to 10 dogs from one account: Build your dogs a personalized social profile. It’s super fun to interact as your dog, or just share your life through their posts. People get very creative! You can share cute pics, videos, and fun facts about your dog to get more followers!

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