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Finding dog-friendly parks, local dog services, socializing, and meeting up with dog friends is now easy with DogPack. Join the community and see why so many dog owners around the world love using the app! Features Include: ◆ Dog Park Finder: The Park Finder is growing everyday and thanks to your suggestions it includes locations that are exclusive to DogPack! There are 33,000+ dog friendly exercise, play, and training areas across the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, South America, and more. You can see all the amenities the park offers, directions, how many dogs and which DogPack members are at the park as well as the weather forecast! Toggle On the 'Satellite View' to get a crystal clear outline of the park. If maps aren't your thing, try the new 'List View', it's super slick! All parks can be rated and reviewed, so you know what to expect before you bring Fido to the park. ◆ Earn Badges and Win Great Prizes: Earning badges on the app allows you to accumulate 'Treats.' You can redeem them for items from the 'Gift Cards & Giveaways' section, which offers all kinds of fabulous prizes. There is no end to how much you can earn through the app, as you can get nearly every badge more than once. Earning treats is free: The more you use the app, the greater prizes you will receive! Members can also redeem raffle tickets, and have the chance to win a variety of cool dog accessories. Hundreds of people have won raffles and had free dog products shipped directly to their doors. ◆ Find Dog Services Nearby: Dog businesses can list their dog services on our map for free! This makes it even easier for locals and those traveling to find them. Whether you are a dog trainer, dog behaviorist, pet walker, groomer, animal daycare, boarding service, kennel, dog-friendly hotel, dog-friendly restaurant, pet supply store, dog rescue or adoption center, sniff spot, breeder, private dog park, or any other relevant dog service, DogPack is the best place to list and gain maximum exposure. ◆ Global, Following, and Tagged-location based Feed See everything your friends have shared with our 3 different social Feeds. Give their post a "Paw" or a "Bark" to let them know what you think! Share your adventures with other dog-lovers, watch the community grow, and earn badges! The whole app, as well as all User-Generated Content can be translated between English, Spanish, and French with the click of a button. ◆ Missing Dog Feature: If the worst happens and Rover goes missing, you can report a missing dog with all their information on the platform. DogPack members in the area where the lost dog was last seen will see the post and be able to keep an eye out for any sightings and share the post with other fellow dog owners. All lost dog posts are also sent directly as in-app notifications to everyone nearby! ◆ Park Feed: Each dog park listed in the app has its very own Feed section. Whenever someone tags a park in a post, it will appear in the Park Feed section. This great tool allows park-goers to share pics and updates with other dog owners who frequent this park. ◆ Dog Park Amenities: You can vote on which amenities are included from each 'Park Page'. This tool will provide an accurate description of the amenities the parks include. Whether you only want to go to a fenced-in dog park or want to know if the area has obstacle courses, you will see all of this information and much more! ◆ Build a Profile: Build your dog a personalized social profile. Creating a profile allows you to build a network with your doggo friends. You can share images, send messages, and share fun facts about your dog to get more followers! ◆ Filter Your Search: With DogPack, you can easily filter your search results to see all the most relevant dogs, and places. Seeing your pup make new friends is always a joy, and it is no secret that just like us humans, canines also have BFF’s!

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