ShramIN Jobs


Job Search and Career Guidance App for ITI and Diploma Candidates

ShramIN Jobs is the largest and most trusted job-search platform for ITI and Polytechnic Diploma pass outs , and skilled factory workforce in India. ShramIN Jobs app has a huge number of job opportunities for various skilled job roles like Machine Operators, Electricians, Fitters, Welders, Turners, Junior Engineers etc. across the country. Job seekers can find different types of job opportunities, like full time and part- time depending on their need and requirement. What does the application offer? Verified Job Openings All the job postings are checked and verified by ShramIN Jobs verification team before posting on ShramIN Jobs app. You can easily trust ShramIN Jobs app and job postings without any fear of getting mislead or getting any fraud job offers. Free Job Alerts ShramIN Jobs send daily job alerts for both Private and Government jobs on your mobile phone. These job alerts are completely free without any charges. Free of Cost Job Search and Apply ShramIN Jobs understand the financial limitations of blue and grey collar workers in India. Thats why it gives you the facility to search and apply for any kind of job without taking any charges. Multiple Trades and Branches for ITI and Diploma job seekers ShramIN Jobs app has huge number of job opportunities for all Diploma Branches like Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Civil and ITI Trades like Machinist, Electrician, Fitter, Welder, Turner and many more. Available in different languages ShramIN Jobs is available in 12 Indian languages. It means you can search different type of jobs in 12 different Indian languages i.e English Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi Bengali, Assamese, Odia, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam Tamil Jobs in many Indian States and Cities ShramIN Jobs app has huge number of job opportunities in many Indian states like Delhi NCR, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, etc. We keep adding more states gradually. Video Resume A video resume is a new addition to the hiring process. In this format, job seekers showcase their skills and qualifications through a video. A good Video Resume can increase your chances of getting a job. Our Latest 'Play' feature Using the 'Play' feature of ShramIN Jobs, job seekers can easily showcase their skills in their respective trades through video. This feature allows job seekers to view the skill videos of other candidates so that they can get the motivation to enhance or upgrade their own skills. Present on WhatsApp and Telegram Job seekers can easily connect with ShramIN Jobs support team through popular messaging platforms WhatsApp and Telegram to address any issue they may have. Training Courses ShramIN Jobs is not just a job portal. It also serves as a medium to provide updates on training courses that can help freshers and experienced workers to enhance their skills in their respective sectors. This job app also offers free courses for ITI and Diploma holders among others. Government occupation sources Disclaimer: ShramIN Jobs App does not claim to be affiliated with any kind of government entity. It is purely an independent platform that provides information and knowledge about several types of job opportunities including government vacancies. It includes information from genuine sources that any individual can access in the public domain. The platform is entirely to facilitate information about career opportunities to its users. Hence, the app should not be associated with any government organization.

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