Star Conflict Heroes Wars RPG

Gaijin Distribution Kft.

Command and explore a galaxy in a fleet. Choose a spaceship for the trek!

*** 3D ACTION RPG SPACE GAME! *** An Alien invasion and subsequent prolonged war has plunged the developed worlds into chaos. The galaxy has been divided between the remnants of stellar empires, pirate gangs and corporations. Your mission is to prevent the destruction of mankind, prevent star conflicts and protect the galaxy from another Alien invasion! Build and upgrade an invincible star fleet, explore new spaceships, fight pirates and sectarians, uncover amazing secrets of an ancient civilization, defend mankind from destruction by aliens, compete with other captains for supremacy in the galaxy in a sci-fi RPG game from the Universe of Star Conflict! Choose the best tactics, experiment with ship types and factions, try out different game modes, improve your fleet, complete missions of the United Mercenary Center, fight with other players online or solo through the story Campaign. Star Conflict Heroes is regularly updated and offers captains new game features, exciting events and new ships. *** SPACE WARSHIPS *** 100+ models of warships and hundreds of modules to upgrade them. Choose top combinations for space battles and explore the boundless universe! Unleash the power of your fleet with ship and faction synergies! *** NEW COMBAT — NEW TACTICS *** Make the most of your warships' unique abilities and choose tactics appropriate to your opponent's fleet in every battle! *** SUPERB 3D GRAPHICS AND SURROUND SOUND *** Three-dimensional locations and breathtaking battles with special effects in arenas and outer space! fantastic space compositions will raise your morale and inspire you to win! *** PVP BATTLES WITH OTHER PLAYERS *** Compete in arenas with other captains in PVP. Win, rank up, earn well-deserved rewards, and receive the praise of your friends and opponents! *** CLANS AND CLAN CHALLENGES *** Unite with friends and compete with other Clans! Attack the mightiest Clan Bosses and destroy opposing fleets in Clan Wars. Monthly rankings and valuable clan rewards! *** ADDICTIVE CAMPAIGN *** Begin your adventure in the Star Conflict Heroes universe with your own ship and trusted crew. Explore every corner of the galaxy in search of the truth and the mysterious artifacts of an ancient civilization. Complete quests, find rare resources and research Alien technology. *** ENCOUNTERS WITH SPACE PIRATES AND ALIENS *** Free colonies and settlements from the oppression of brutal pirates and sectarians. Defend the Galaxy from ruthless Alien invasion, prevent another Invasion, and bring about the destruction of mankind! *** THEMED EVENTS *** Complete the United Mercenary Center missions, take on challenging and rewarding Battle Pass missions, participate in the extreme reality show "Maze", fight Bosses during themed events and earn new ships, mountains of gold and unique skins and avatars! *** FLEET CUSTOMIZATION *** Collect unique frames and avatars. Obtain unusual skins for the ships of your fleet. NEW! Functional skins to enhance your ships' combat performance! Captain, your star fleet is ready to fight for mankind! Join millions of players in multiple languages. Form alliances, defeat your enemies and build a powerful fleet to defend and dominate the galaxy. Install the game, assemble a unique fleet, go into battle and write your name in the annals of Heroes of the Galaxy!


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