Свободное Радио

Dmitry Vatulya

The official app of Free Radio

Free Radio - Christian radio online. Tune in to the sky. Checked - inspiring!

- The most important news of the Christian world.
- Reading and interpreting the Bible.
- Talk shows: main topics and communication with the studio.
- The best Christian sermons in the history of the church.
- An honest and open community of believers, where everyone is welcome.

⚠️ If the player becomes silent after a while when the screen is locked, then you need to do the following:

In the power and battery settings section, select Power Saver Exceptions.
Deactivate the switch next to the Free Radio app
Depending on the phone model and Android version, the name of the settings may differ, but the principle remains the same.

⚠️ If the application crashes unexpectedly at startup, we recommend that you completely remove the application from your phone and install it again. This helps solve the problem of an incomplete application update. This is the reason for the unexpected termination of the application.


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