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Convenient appointment with a doctor and unlimited online consultations for the whole family

NaPopravku Plus is a health subscription for the whole family. Consult with doctors in a chat without restrictions - in touch 24/7. More than 5 million people use NaPopravka every year. The mobile app is now available! The Correction Application is: - Appointment at a convenient time to thousands of doctors and clinics - The choice of a doctor according to reviews for all occasions and for the whole family: from a pediatrician to a neurosurgeon - Comparison of prices for any medical services: from ECG and tests, to MRI, CT and operations - Exclusive discounts up to 100%, promotions and special offers of city clinics in one place - Bonus program - we return 100 rubles for each visit to the clinic RECORD AT A CONVENIENT TIME Don't like to call? It is inconvenient to discuss your illnesses when colleagues are nearby? Do you choose a doctor late in the evening when the clinics are no longer open? Online registration solves all these problems. How it works? - We connect to information systems of clinics - We display in the application in real time free windows in the schedule of doctors - The schedule is updated every few minutes - You choose a convenient time and make an appointment yourself: in the clinic, this window will be booked as if it were done by the administrator A CHOICE FOR ALL OCCASIONS - All specialties of doctors are available for appointment, including: therapist, pediatrician, gynecologist, ENT specialist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist (oculist), gastroenterologist, dermatologist, osteopath, surgeon, etc. - The whole range of medical services: tests, certificates, dentistry, cosmetology and plastic surgery, operations, childbirth, IVF - All types of diagnostics, for example: MRI, CT, ultrasound, FGDS, ECG, EEG, colonoscopy, mammography, etc. - Choose from the best doctors in private and public clinics according to the combined rating PRICE COMPARISON, DISCOUNTS AND PROMOTIONS - Compare prices for 5,000+ medical services - Prices of not only private, but also public clinics - Thanks to exclusive discounts, booking through us is cheaper than directly at the clinic - Save up to 100% with promotions and special offers VERIFIED PATIENT REVIEWS Some clinics try to increase the rating: they write reviews themselves or order from special agencies. Our team of moderators stands guard over the interests of patients. - All reviews are checked by 30+ parameters - If necessary, documents confirming the visit are requested - We do not sell ratings and do not delete reviews at the request of clinics, we understand the situation and, if necessary, even go to court BONUSES FOR RECORDING AND MORE - For each confirmed entry through the application, 100 points are awarded - Having accumulated 500 points, you receive a certificate for 500 rubles. to your favorite stores - Points are accumulated for making an appointment for any service: to the doctor, for tests, diagnostics or procedures - Record all family members: yourself, children, husband, parents - Points are awarded not only for entries, but also for reviews USEFUL HEALTH MATERIALS - Our medical editorial staff consists of doctors - We prepare medical materials so that they are understandable to the average person - Health tips for women and men, children and adults, grandparents - Articles about diseases and symptoms - Tests and quizzes - Recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and prevention selected specifically for YOU Among the partner clinics of NaPopravka are leading medical centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, for example: LLC "MedicCity" (Moscow, Poltavskaya, 2); "LLC "Best Clinic" (Moscow, Novocheremushkinskaya, 34).


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