Pixel Fishing

Kzunec Games

Dive as deep as possible and claim your biggest catch in this exciting game!

Pixel Fishing is a simple game with cute graphics where you'll explore a water body and catch pixelated fish. Try your best to upgrade your gear to catch more rare fish! What sets this game apart from others is the need to control your hook during the descent, dodging fish to dive deeper, and catching as much fish as possible when the hook resurfaces. This makes the game similar to Ridiculous Fishing, so give it a try, you'll enjoy this gaming experience. - Complete your fish book. - Upgrade your line and hook to unlock multiple golden fish species and plenty of common ones. - Complete daily quests and earn gold as a reward. - Earn rewards for in-game achievements. - Earn coins even when you're offline. - Enjoy pleasant music and the cozy atmosphere of pixelated games. - Each dive is different from the previous one. Shall we begin our pixelated adventure?


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