ReSkills EdTech

ReSkills Edtech

ReSkills is a global OnLive (online + live) learning platform

ReSkills is a subscription-based online learning platform, giving users access to unlimited top quality daily live learning classes, videos, courses, conferences, and materials. Our buffet-style model allows everyone to “learn all you can” at only US$1/month. We provide nine main features: OnLive Classes, ReSkills OnDemand, On The Go, Podcasts, Special, OnFerence, OnStage, 1 On 1 and Library, each catering to a different niche of learners. Our mission is to redefine fast and impactful learning, and serve as a gamechanger in the educational industry. ReSkills’ features are: ReSkills OnLive 365 days nonstop LIVE LEARNING classes. Gain knowledge from master coaches in real time through interactive live daily online courses. Users who complete a course receive a micro certificate certified by three international accreditation bodies. ReSkills On The Go -Learn with convenience with ReSkills, even when you’re on the move. ReSkills Library -Access a wide variety of e-books, study notes and learning materials. ReSkills OnDemand (Marketplace) -Choose from a wide variety of classes to create your personalized learning journey. ReSkills OnStage -Exclusive sessions with industry leaders and famous personalities. ReSkills Podcasts -Listen to top-quality learning audio content at your own convenience. ReSkills OnFerence -Engage in dynamic OnLIVE sharing conferences with esteemed leaders and industry experts. ReSkills 1 On 1 -Enjoy powerful, personalized mentoring sessions with our experienced coaches. ReSkills Special -Learn while having fun during our exclusive campaigns and promotions. Start your journey of learning with us today. Download & Subscribe now.


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